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Fourwalls 42 inches tall Artificial Bougainvillea Bush

Artificial Flowers wedding-flowers
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Price: 1,250
  • Material: Synthetic, Color: White, Finish: Multi
  • Package Contents: 1 Creeper
  • Item Size: 44 cm x 36 cm x 104 cm
  • This is an artificial plant
  • Recommended only for indoor use
  • This is among one of the best seller artificial floral hanging bush
  • Ideal for use in large houses/bungalows/villas
  • Artificial tropical bougainvillea bush
  • Washable, with plain water or very mild liquid detergent
  • You may also place it in a wide vase with flowers falling from the mouth of the vase

Size (mm) : 20
Area (sq.ft): 20
Length : 42 cm
Weight : 500 gms
Material : Synthetic,
Colors : White

Package Content :
1 Creeper


This artificial tropical bougainvillea bush vibrant flowers. The lush appearance is achieved with the abundance of dark green leaves. Each bush is securely bunched, featuring a sturdy center handle. The overall dimensions are measured leaf tip to tip. Measurements are approximate, and will be determined by your final shaping of the plant upon unpacking it. Looks beautiful if arranged. Only minor shaping required. This product is only recommended for indoor use. This is among one of our best sellers in the artificial floral hanging bush category. Ideal for use in large houses/ bungalows/ villas or restaurants.