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Artificial Bamboo Bonsai Plant in a Ceramic Pot : 58 cm/ 23

Artificial Potted Plants
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Sku:ABT 58 CM BAMBOO W/515LVS/11475
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Price: 3,250
  • Material: Fabric, Pot Finish: Glossy
  • Pot Material : Ceramic
  • Package contents: 1 Artificial Bamboo Bonsai plant with pot
  • Item height: 58 cm/ 23"
  • Elegant stone layering at the surface of the pot
  • Natural looking leaves
  • Pot height: 13 cm/ 5"

Weight : 980 gms
Material : Fabric Leaves, Plastic Trunk and Ceramic Pot
Colors : Green

Package Content :
1 Artificial Bamboo Bonsai Plant with Pot


Plants are the best way to create a natural and refreshing ambience in your living space. This beautiful potted Bamboo plant will brighten up the look of any room instantly and its incredible finish and detailing makes it look very realistic. The plant will help add a touch of fresh and elegant greenery to your home or office decor. Fashioned from fine quality polyester, this artificial bonsai plant boasts of lush green dense foliage popping out of the stems that are attached to a chic ceramic pot with decorative pebbles on surface. We recommend you use this plant in an indoor setting. The plant is essentially maintenance free. However if the leaves do get dusty due to whatsoever reason, you can clean the leaves with the help of a semi wet cloth.