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Artificial Ficus Bonsai Plant in a Ceramic Vase for Home Decor (16" tall)

Artificial Bonsai Trees
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Sku:ABT 41 CM FICUSX6 /252 LVS/1935
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Price: 1,750
  • Color: Green,
  • Material: Leaves material- polyester Pot: Ceramic, Finish: Glossy, trunk material- polyurethane;
  • Package Contents: 1 Artificial Ficus Bonsai Plant in a Ceramic Vase,
  • Item Size: 41 cm/16 inches
  • Pot dimensions- 10 cm/4 inches

Length : 41 cm
Weight : 1200 gms
Material : Ceramic Pot, Fabric Leaves, PU trunk
Colors : Green

Package Content :
1 Artificial Ficus Bonsai Plant in a Ceramic Vase


This Ficus plant is one of the most natural looking plant from the house of Fourwalls. This one makes for a great filler to enliven small spaces. It is perfect for people who don't want lively-looking plants eventually dying on them. This one will do the trick and lend that green touch to any setting. You will not be able to make out its not real and nor will the guests in your house be able to tell the difference. This plant consists of 6 pre-knotted PU trunks in brown/green colour. 252 textile natural looking leaves on PVC stalks and 6 separate foliage heads allow a full display. The pot stand at 41 cm in height including the pot which is 10 cm/ 4 inches in height. This bonsai plant is fixed firmly in a glossy ceramic planter. Maintenance tips- Try to keep dust off. However you can wipe the dust with a semi wet cloth in case it does settle in. Other than that you need not worry.